May 29, 2012

Spring Brings New Beginnings...All Over Again

Long time, no post.  I do have an excuse, though.  I have de-camped from the country home where I'd spent the past two years to another home, still in the country, but about 60 miles north.  It was a bit chaotic in mid-to-late April as I also started a new job, and just two weeks later, moved myself and my kitties to our new digs.

In the process of this latest relocation, I piled more possessions into storage and gradually I'm finding the things that matter most to have at hand.  It's a great exercise, this moving thing.  Not one I want to repeat again soon, but it's still useful for weeding out things that take up space in one's life.

While I've moved in another direction, I haven't severed all ties with my previous location - not by a long shot. My former home is in a community very dear to me with many good friends nearby, but this new location is in an area where I last lived 40 years ago and it, too, is quite special to me.  I'm glad to be back here again, enjoying it from the perspective of an adult, rather than a child and, later, a wide-eyed teen, when I was last a resident here.  It's fun being a tourist in an otherwise familiar region.

The common theme, and one that I don't minimize, is that it's the rural landscape that brings me joy and contentment.  I can deal with cities and suburbia, but when I get up in the morning I am happiest looking at trees and fields and rolling hills, not parked cars, sidewalks and traffic signals.  So I've found it matters less where I live than the view where I live is one that resonates with me and reflects the things I value most.

I'm not sure how long I'll stay up here in this new location.  I'll be here through the summer at least, for sure, since it's near an important local attraction that has been an important part of my life since early childhood.  When the summer ends and autumn is in the wind, I'll go from there and see where I'd like to be.  I might stick around up never know.

So, I'm still here, a bit late in posting, but still in the country living a contemporary life...stay tuned.