November 18, 2012

Turkey Time Again?

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us yet again. I adore Thanksgiving - not because it's a food fest (it is), but because it's a celebration about nothing more complicated than a traditional way for Americans to give thanks for the "harvest" - to celebrate the end of the growing season and all that this bountiful country provides to us.

I love the colors of autumn anyway - the colors of nature - golds, reds, greens, blues, purples - and how Thanksgiving gives me a chance to use them on the table and around the house.  I have to say, for all its focus on food, there isn't half the concentration on Thanksgiving in the stores than on Christmas.  The new approach from retailers for the holiday season is to start putting out the reds and greens of the Christmas holidays right after Halloween.  It's not nice.  It's much too soon, and, as a result, the Thanksgiving colors take a back seat (and less shelf and display space) to Santa and crew.  I'm not ready for Christmas decor until December and I don't want to deal with it until then.

I'm going to fight to keep the autumn colors around until Thanksgiving and just beyond.  This year, we have a full week of November after Thanksgiving before December kicks in, so I'm going to milk it for all it's worth!

I hope you and yours have a bountiful, tasty Thanksgiving holiday and you'll stop and think about how much this uniquely American holiday brings to us.  And I hope, if you can, you'll share a bit of your good fortune this season with those who don't have as much to celebrate at their holiday table this year.