February 5, 2013

Lost in the Fog...

It's the middle of winter, for sure.  I took this photo out my window on a recent aberrationally warm day when the ground blanketed by snow was far colder than the air that surrounded it.  The scene was clothed in a thick, misty fog - it was strange, but quite lovely.

I, too, have felt a little bit lost in that fog...not in any serious way, but enough that I haven't been back to the blog since my last post.  That is due mostly just being very busy at work and very busy at home.  But the effect of my neglect was that I have been woefully slow at noticing that I had a comment on my last post that I only just saw.  And from a new follower, no less.  Bad blog ettiquette on my part, but I've addressed the oversight, posted the comment and thank her (I assume she's a her) for her comment and interest.  I hope to be a better blogger in 2013.  Not sure it will happen, but I certainly can strive to do better.

It is my habit to try to post at least monthly, since it's an easy thing to remember and the start of a month usually brings thoughts of the usual traditions of that month, the season, and the scenery - all the things that provide a sense of continuity and the comfort that it brings. 

The photo above, or a minor variation on it, is my scenery these days.  It's an old apple orchard, not a highly productive one, but it came in handy during the fall for a few choice fruits for pies and sauce.  It's asleep now, but now that it's February, the daylight is lingering slightly longer in the afternoon - thank goodness - and that's a hint that spring and warmer days are in the wings.

It has been cold - bitter cold - here for a while, but those days have been punctuated by occasional bursts of balmy weather - just enough to tease (or torture) us into thinking it will remain warm.  But, of course it doesn't.  Still, it's nice to be reminded that the warmth will be here in due course.  Not usually soon enough for me, though, so in order to jump-start my desire for warmth and the cheerful signs of spring, I'm heading south for a few days.  I find it's the best way for me to break up the monotony of cold and grey that so often envelopes us in midwinter.  I'll be off to South Carolina for a few days of warmth - for sure, sun - I hope, and the company of good friends whom I have the good fortune to visit.

I promise I'll be back sooner rather than later to share images from my travels.  Until then, stay warm and maybe buy a pot of blooming bulbs, like cheerful yellow mini-daffodils, to keep you thinking ahead to spring, too.  It will be here soon enough...