November 26, 2009

Bountiful Birds

When I lived in the country, I often saw numerous wild turkeys.  They would stroll by the window with their offspring (chicks?) and be essentially unfazed by the other critters - horses, cats.  In fact, I'm sure they came by often because of the cornfield behind the house and would pick through the droppings in the horse paddock, looking for undigested remnants of corn in the sweet feed in the horses' grain mix.  I also think one of the "guest" horses, a dear, half-blind, chestnut gelding that I'd known for years, was quite intrigued by, and enamored of, the turkeys.  So much so, that one day, when the snow had weakened the already questionable board fence, he leaned over it, straining, I'm sure, to see the turkeys that were wandering nearby, that the rail dropped on one end, leaving just enough from for him (and my own horse - his accomplice) to literally step out of the paddock and go for a bit of a jaunt.  Of course, they chose that moment because I had just left for the post office and wasn't there to interrupt their hiatus from confinement.  I blame the turkeys, but I still liked them.

I love scenic turkey images, especially vintage ones, perhaps because they remind me of that idyllic life on the farm (when I wasn't chasing after errant equines) this cheerful holiday post card I picked up on eBay a few years back. 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2009

Bye Bye, Birdies

I sold the last of my turkey plates today.  I bought eight plates and a large matching platter at a country auction about 10 years ago, I think.  I used them on a few Thanksgivings, but, over time, I lost my fondness for them.  They were made in Japan and probably dated from the 1940s or 50s.  The pattern, by a maker known as L & M, is called Country Fair.  They have a kind of retro, rustic holiday charm about them.

But my taste really leans toward the more traditional decorative wares of England, with finer details and a more elegant, less casual appeal.

So I've sold the last of the plates on eBay, along with the platter and they're off to points across the USA - to Colorado and California, Ohio and Oklahoma - to grace other Thanksgiving and holiday tables.

They were fun while I had them, but I'll use the proceeds to purchase plates that I really love...maybe of different patterns, but I think there will be turkeys on all of them.

November 9, 2009

More Falling Leaves...

And more Monday morning embarrassment from this corner of the globe.  I'm just flat out busy, so I regret the lack of time to add pithy comments or interesting insights into the state of the universe, or at least my backyard.  So, since I haven't got much else to share today, I thought I'd provide just that - more from my literal backyard.  One of the two great maple trees in the back yard seemed to think it was supposed to be the last hold-out of the fall, clinging desperately, and belatedly to its bright yellow (turned from green) leaves.  They finally have started to give up the ghost over the past week, and now there are more on the ground than on the tree, but I've captured a bit of their evolution, so here's a view of the changing scene.  What was a beautiful golden canopy over the yard is now a yellow carpet on the ground...sigh.

November 2, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Now I understand how other bloggers feel when they've missed many days of posting!  (I also sympathize with the followers of selected blogs - I know I'm always eager to read the latest posts of those blogs I enjoy, as well.)  I have a few excuses, one not so fun (being under the weather for a bit), and one much more fun (traveling), but I promise I'll play catch-up as much as I can over the next few weeks, but with one caveat. 

I have much work to do here at home that has been delayed because of the aforementioned reasons, so I have to jump-start the tasks at hand before much more time passes.  Perhaps I'll post some photos of befores and afters, since the time has come to spruce up the city home and make it a shing jewel of modern design.  We'll see if I can pull it off with little time and even less money!

In the meantime, I've continued with my homage to autumn - added another tune to the playlist, removed a couple of others, but I'll be working on that in the weeks ahead, too.  And, to entertain you visually, here are a few more autumnal images taken in the 'hood over the past week or two.

Thanks for hanging in...I'll try to make it worth your while for sticking around!