July 5, 2014

A Very Bunny July 4 Mantle

This year, I'm still getting settled in my new home, so the festival holiday decorating is, out of necessity, restrained and contained. Still, I do like to use the fireplace mantle as the focal point for any celebratory displays.  Since my July 4 decorations were somewhat limited, as well, it seemed the best way to use them was atop the mantle.

I picked up Mr. and Mrs. Independence Day bunnies at a July 4 festival in central New York about 25 years ago. I was heavily into my "country home" period and they just appealed to me. (My only stuffed animal to survive from childhood was a beloved bunny, so this pair spoke to me instantly when I saw them, snapped them up and brought them home.)

To my disappointment, I discovered that Mrs. bunny lost one of the tiny wooden beads that served as eyes (as you can see on Mr. bunny). Not sure how that happened, but they've been in storage in an uncovered box for some months so I can only assume the single thread keeping it tethered simplly broke and I didn't notice. Still, the beads are quite small and I thought she could do with some larger "eyes" and I found a pair of pretty, bright blue buttons that I though would do the trick very nicely. (I'm thinking about a similar pair of red buttons for Mr. bunny in due course.)

None of this is very fancy as holiday gestures go, just a few things that are in keeping with the spirit of the holiday, all linked by some fun red foil-covered wire with stars to provide the requisite "fireworks" and sparkle. It's the best I can do at this stage...more elaborate decor will be possible in the months ahead, I'm sure, but I should have the full compliment of July 4th regalia for next year.

After a somewhat rainy start on the 4th, the weather in the Great Northeast is expected to be summer perfection for the whole weekend!  Hope your July 4th was a fun and festive celebration and the holiday weekend is a happy, healthy and safe one!