April 19, 2019

Spring Has Sprung...Finally!

It's Good Friday of Easter week and Spring has finally arrived in the Northeast, at least in this corner of upstate New York...and none too soon! It was a fairly snowy and protracted winter, but, despite the official arrival of Spring in late March, in a matter of a few days (including a balmy warm one in the mid-70s two weeks earlier), the snow that had literally lightly covered the landscape in a last gasp snowstorm quickly melted away, and the large piles of accumulated snow that had persisted all winter gradually diminished and disappeared over the following few days.

Now that we are well into April, the likelihood of any further snows are remote, although we all know that it's not safe to put out tender plants before Memorial Day, when any chance of a freeze also is well past. We're looking ahead to a typical spate of nonstop "April showers" days (week-plus, actually), but the daytime temperatures finally are expected in the 60s and overnights are likely remaining above 40. It's all good, despite the rains, which I can use as some rough spots in my lawn need some serious re-seeding. I'm glad to have Mother Nature's help with that this weekend and next week.

The grass, at least, is finally starting to green up a bit, but it's still early for us to see leaves on the trees here...it's just that much colder than most of the region south of New York, so it's fairly normal for our landscape to lag behind until early May, but then every thing suddenly explodes, from the forsythia to the magnolias to the apple blossoms and honeysuckle.

I have plenty of plants waiting to go outside (pretty geraniums in a pale pink and a bright fuchsia that I've wintered over for two years now - amazing!), so I'm trying to limit bringing any more plants into the house for lack of room in a bright, light area for them, but I couldn't resist a small pot of pansies (above) a week or so ago. I just needed that sweet reminder that life does begin again each spring and to embrace this season of renewal.

In late February, came across this decorative bunny and speckled egg "Happy Spring" wall plaque with other phrases in French (which I'd studied since 3rd Grade and all through school) at a local thrift store. I don't usually go for mass-produced art (having been an art major in college), but something about this piece spoke to me and decided I needed to bring it home and I'm glad to have it as a reminder to celebrate the beauty and renewal that is Spring, the Easter season and the mild sunny days that finally have started to arrive.

If you celebrate Easter or Passover, have a lovely holiday, and, if those aren't your focus, enjoy the season's flowers and welcome the arrival of Spring wherever you are!        

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