February 29, 2020

It's Leap Day! That special quadrennial date that arrives at the end of February, tacked on to year's second month to "keep the calendar" on track. It has to do with adjusting the calendar periodically to to ensure that annual seasonal events occur at about the same time each year, so an additional day is added to the calendar every four years just to ensure that happens. It actually began in Roman times, so you can thank Julius Caesar...really.

It's also known in some corners as "Sadie Hawkins Day" when ladies ostensibly are given leave to propose marriage to their chosen beaus. To be more politically correct in this 21st Century, it really should be a date when any female has leave to propose to their chosen partner...male or female or somewhere in between., a right they should have th ability to act on any day of the year, and not just on a one that only arrives on the calendar every four years.

In my region, a nice trend began a few years ago called "Leap of Kindness Day" - a day to encourage people within a community to use this extra day of Leap Year to do something kind for someone else. That might just be the best idea of all, not just on Leap Day, but something to keep in mind and act upon every day of the year, every year.  

Go out and make your Leap Day a good - and kind - one!

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