July 3, 2020

An Atypical Fourth of July Holiday in the Pandemic Era

As the coronavirus pandemic marches on, there has been much progress and effective "flattening of the curve" here in New York State. Other parts of the country, where residents have been far less vigilant in adhering to the recommended safety protocals, are now experiencing a resurgence in the virus. Why is anyone surprised by this?

At the risk of sounding heartless, what did folks in the south and southwest expect? Honestly. This isn't brain surgery. It's NOT a hoax. The virus is real and it can be deadly. Many thousands of people already have died. How hard is it to wear a mask or appropriate face covering to help ensure that you don't infect others? It's a no-brainer, but so many people are simply in utter denial about the seriousness of this pandemic, and it's simply beyond comprehension.

Understandably, many annual fireworks displays have been cancelled and other seasonal July 4th events also will be deferred until 2021 as mass gatherings are still too risky. As an alternative, I've posted my watercolorized photo of a display of small flags in a planter sitting on top of a bridge barrier in a small community in my area as my summer season header. I've also pulled out a few of my own small flags and have put them in my own planters for a little traditional all-American holiday color.

Enjoy the holiday and, if you can, stay home and be safe until it's no longer necessary! 

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