September 29, 2020

Okay, Autumn, come ahead

With the official arrival of autumn on September 22, the leaves on the trees in my area of the Northeast suddenly responded as if a switch had been flipped and the change from varied greens to blazing oranges and brilliant reds began to evolve right on cue. I was lamenting the sudden rush into autumn on September 1, the start of meteorological autumn, but we had a bit of a roller-coaster of a weather month along with this wacky pandemic year. It was warm, then it was cool and slipped quickly into downright frosty at night during one weekend mid-month. Then, as if to say, "Sorry, we didn't really mean for that to happen just yet", the cold snap faded and the perfect mild late summer/early autumn air that makes for glorious balmy days and nights just cool enough to afford the most comfortable sleeping slid into the mix.

We've been half-way out and half-way into autumn for most of late September, but we're nearly all in now. Mild days, cool nights and leaves changing all around. In another week, things will be more reds, oranges and yellows than greens and with a good rain and a bit of wind, those leaves will be hitting the ground and going all golden yellows and, before we blink, it'll be November. Until then, I'm savoring all we get in this most fickle but beautiful of seasons of the year...welcome, autumn. So glad to finally see you.





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