September 2, 2020

Not so fast, Fall!


What's the rush to get to autumn? It'll be here in just three weeks, but I'm in no hurry to break out the fall decor and change over from summer. I'm just not, because here in eastern upstate New York, this is the best time of the year for perfect weather - mild, not horribly hot or outrageously humid. It's simply  lovely, so I revel in this time of year and am planning to make the most of it, even though travel and access to some of my favorite activities are more limited than ever, thanks to that dreaded virus.

I've been fortunate to be able to enjoy good health after an issue earlier this year. I'm so glad that's behind me and I can do all of the things now that I was able to do before that annoying health hiccup. Phew! So, I'm taking advantage of this prime time to get outside, deal with some maintenance issues around the house and just be glad that we've got a few more weeks of great weather before things start to get a bit nippy. Mind you, I do love autumn here, as seasons go, but I'm in no hurry for its arrival. I'm still in a bit of disbelief that it's already September. How did that happen? The summer - that glorious season that couldn't get here soon enough back in mid-February - literally flew by this year! It's beyond crazy.

So, even though travel has been severely constrained this year, I have stayed busy with tasks at home, fun things (and a few not so fun things) all has kept me busy. I guess that's how the summer season flew by so quickly when I was busy doing other things. So, for the moment, I'm taking a few days while it's beautiful outside and am just enjoying these golden days of the late summer season before the colors start to change and remind us all that the frosty, snowy winter is not all that far off... 


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